Rental Agreement

(1st Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale, 2016)

Curator Victoria Chernyavskaya

Recently, most artists have been renting apartments under 606-GK Russian Federal Law. This law is a reliable tool for artists to participate in apartment exhibitions. In addition, since January 1, 2014, apartment rentals are additionally insured, guaranteeing the artist’s safety and protection from lack of demand. In the unstable economic situation in the art market, the number of unscrupulous collectors, gallery owners, curators, tenants, and meaningless exhibitions is increasing, so the state has begun to take preventive measures to minimize the risk of defrauding the artists.

For artists who regularly fulfill their obligations, including the production of numerous works at their own expense, innovations can create a number of difficulties. This will inevitably lead to a decrease in the volume of art and a reduction in incoming offers. Therefore, we are putting forward a project to include artists in the working group of apartment tenants to discuss this issue, and are going to defend the rights of conscientious artists, to preserve the possibility of holding quality exhibitions. We offer you the following: – help in choosing a profitable apartment option to continue your career as an artist; – free consultations on housing and art issues; – seminars and discussions with leading experts in the field of real estate and art; – help in choosing an apartment for your future exhibition with an idea for it.

The first artist, Veronica Aktanova, will show what works she has and will have to sell to become part of the apartment. Documentation of her residence, which captures Veronica’s growth as an artist and a person. You can see all this and much more at the exhibition on November 18th at 7 pm, and also find out what qualities you need as an artist to rent a decent apartment. The number of seats is limited. Sign up in time!

From the life of an artist in an apartment. Photos by Nikita Latyshev