I’ll Be There for You, biennale, Fabrika Center for Creative Industries, Moscow

On Prospekt Peace
(paper, pencil, oil)

That’s what my wife says/my husband can’t hear me (double personal with Vsevolod Lisovsky), Tbilisi, Piggy gallery

Tskneti წყნეთი

(paper А4, pencil)

Portraits of living contemporaries, The rite of farewell (paper, oil, 41.5*59cm)

Shkot (paper, oil)

Art dinner for the Black market

Waiting for the shitstorm (oil, marker pen, pen and pencil on paper; 120 × 255 cm)

Abbreviated (paper, oil)

Martha’s purchase (paper,A4,markers)

Martha and the wolf (paper,A4,markers)

Martha and the fish (paper,markers,pen)




Capitalism,happiness,fucking great! (craft,felt-tip pen,pen)

ParkofPeace (marker,paper,40×30cm)

Therapy (paper,A4,pen,markers)

On the carpet (paper,A4,markers)

Dead bull (paper,A4,pen,pencil)

Fascists-fuckers (A4,paper,flomiki)

Fabulous idiot (cardboard,oil)

Fabulous idiot (cardboard,oil)

Fabulous idiot (cardboard,oil)

Death of a duck (paper,A4,markers)

Justin’s disease (paper,A4,markers)

Rooms (cardboard, oil, 45*36cm) “30.000” Fabrika Center for Creative Industries

Eggs (paper,A4,markers,pen)

We have already been here (boxes,acrylic)

Tumulus of Friendship, Bomba Gallery, Fabrika Center for Creative Industries

City ​​(paper,markers,pen,29.7*42cm)

Therapy (paper,A4,markers)

Latex love (cardboard,nails,acrylic) “Love and porn” Dor Dor Gallery

Parents (plywood,oil)

Crucian carp (paper,pen,29.7*42cm)

Oil on canvas, approximately 2*2m

Oil on canvas, approximately 2*4m

Wood, oil, I don’t remember the size of this one

Lenin (cardboard,acrylic)

Broken pattern (cardboard,acrylic)
pink 107*130cm, blue 105*115cm, beige 98*110cm, diamond 70*138cm, black, white 95*68cm, green 100*60cm, yellow 148*160cm, red 119*155cm, gold 95*210cm
Bugs (cardboard,oil)
1-  46*27см, 2- 28*31см, 3- 36*28см, 4- 36*55см, 5- 32*43см, 6- 35*40см, 7- 39*42см, 8- 39*40см, 9- 35*36см, 10- 39*32см, 11- 80*70см

Hello to Manet (Vladey Space),Winzavod Contemporary Art Center, Moscow

Infographic, CUBE.Moscow, 2019

An Exhibition in the Shrubs 4, Divnogorye nature reserve
Painting Dead Stuff (oil,acrylic,cardboard)

Triptych – the death of a cat at а Winzavod Contemporary Art Center (hardboard,oil,44*60cm)

Your bird Weaver
Temporary Museum,Nikolskaya Gallery

Vladimir Mayakovsky (cardboard,paper,pen,felt-tip pen)


Against all (Vladey Space)

Criminal Code 148. Art as a Crime, Izmailovo Loft, Moscow

for the auction by V.Berezin

Hungry dogs
(canvas on cardboard, oil) pink 50*70cm, yellow 70*100cm, blue 60*80cm, red 50*60cm, green 30*40cm
Bones on frost
(frost, x-ray, stained glass paints)
Raw Cooked, 2016 Moscow Biennale for Young Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Sleeping (A4 paper,pencil)

Space for your drawing, All for 100, Red Center, Moscow

You can buy me (oil on canvas) 1-50*50cm, 2-50*60cm, 3-50*70cm, 4-50*150cm, 5-80*80cm, 6-40*60cm

Call (hardboard,oil)
1-55*80cm, 2-40*67cm, 3-40*70cm, 4-40*90cm, 5-40*90cm, 6-55*70cm, 7-56*90cm, 8-40*90cm

Poster for the text “Green Lamp Rules”

Looking for love (cardboard,oil)

Just flowers (сanvas,oil)

Fish (сanvas,oil,tablet)