Veronika’s Debridement

ART4 Museum of Contemporary Art, 2019

A project about how to build relationships with society.
The exhibition consists of two series of works, the characters of which seem to be antagonists, but at the same time complement each other.

Instead of text, I used words as hashtags. They brought in their own meanings and, hopefully, formed a single associative series.

In the first room, there was a series of works “BUGS” (oil on cardboard). All pictures are here in the 2018 section.
BUGS are about helplessness, fixation, confusion. All the bugs are in my room, like bugs in my head (the interior in the images is my room). They fidget where there is little air, mate, breed, but cannot get out. Perhaps they don’t want to anymore. Therefore, they will soon start eating each other.

In the second room, there is a series “Broken Pattern” (cardboard, acrylic). All carpets are here in the 2018 section.
A carpet is a woven product based on a clearly structured pattern.

A cheater is a player who breaks the rules, using prohibited software. The pattern is broken, the rules are broken, the player moves on.
Carpets are about a glitch in the system that bugs couldn’t integrate into. This is when you know the rules of the game and then either play by these rules and move forward, or break them to open the system, beat it and break its pattern. Carpets are something that bugs could have done, but didn’t.