Piece of Meat

Zverev Center for Contemporary Art, April 2022

The pictures featuring the main character, Piece of Meat, were created in 2019 and exhibited at Zverev Center for Contemporary Art in 2022.

A room was built in the hall, with a desk in it. On the desk there was a folder called “The Case”, with pictures inserted. Opposite the desk, at the other end of the room, there was a chair, where the next viewer was waiting for his turn. After getting acquainted with the hero’s story, the viewer could make suggestions in writing on how to develop the plot. At the entrance to the room there was a line of viewers who wanted to get acquainted with the case of “Piece of Meat”. The light in the room was directed at this live line. At the other end of the room, in the dark side, there was a buffet, from where drinkers could watch those in the live line. Thus, the viewers changed places from observers to direct participants and back again. At some point, viewing the case of Piece of Meat turned into an interrogation. The person sitting at the table, directing the beam of light from the table lamp, interrogated the one who was waiting for his turn. Subsequently exhausted by these questions, the viewer then sat down at the table and interrogated the next person to enter from the corridor.

The case “Piece of Meat”, pictures, 2019

All proposals regarding the hero’s fate have been processed, accepted, and it’s time for the next part of the work — the animated series. It was made using stop motion technique with real setting that was shown here in 2023.